Benefits of Beet for Athletes

Beetroot juice has become a popular supplement for many athletes, many of them runners especially. Beetroot is a rich source of many anti-oxidants and drinking beet juice raises nitric oxide levels in our bodies This nitric oxide increases blood flow, improves lung function and strengthens muscular contraction. Beetroot also greatly improves our cardio-respiratory system and fitness because it opens up our blood vessels so that an increased amount of oxygenised blood can work it’s way to our muscles. Nitric oxide also ensures that a much greater oxygen intake inside the muscles 💪 is able to occur. Beet juice has allegedly … Continue reading Benefits of Beet for Athletes

Best foods for a strong mind and strong body

Beans As well as being great fuel for long runs, these carbs are also high in anti-inflammatory bodies. Try to eat them every other day. 2. Mixed berries Berries can reduce the risk of neuron loss and improve mental performance. I personally love berries and have them daily on my porridge and find they are a great start to the day. Try to eat berries at least twice a week. 3. Colourful Veggies Colour in food means food Is rich in anti-oxidants, which can help protect neurons. Definitely try to eat these once a day. 4. Greens Rich in folate, … Continue reading Best foods for a strong mind and strong body

How Mindfulness when eating can transform your event day performance

What does Spotify have to do with all of this you may ask? Well, by engrossing yourself In every step of the re-fuelling process from cooking to cleanup, it Is well worth the effort. Mindfulness during cooking and eating can reduce stress after training and helps make our dining time more satisfying and from a performance wise, even more beneficial. When I cook I personally listen to Spotify and I have a dedicated cooking playlist that I listen too and cooking is my happy place. Listening to music whilst cooking and immersing yourself in the songs and singing and dancing … Continue reading How Mindfulness when eating can transform your event day performance