Visceral Fat and Body Weight


Visceral Fat is is the amount of fat around the major organs in your body. It is stored in the stomach cavity just underneath the stomach and therefore is within reach of all your major organs such as the liver, pancreas to name just a couple.

Visceral Fat is also commonly renowned as Active Fat because it plays a big role in the stability of your hormones and sometimes this can be dangerous in extreme cases. High Visceral Fat Levels might also increase your risks of Alzheimer’s or Breast Cancer.

The fat that we store and can often feel just under our arms, legs or skin is known as subcontaneous fat, and whilst the more body fat we burn the better anyway, this is not the fat that is harmful.

If you are storing significant extra fat within our abdomen where your organs reside, then this intra-abdominal fat is classed as the visceral fat.

High levels of Visceral Fat can also potentially lead to health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes etc.

Stress has a big impact on where Visceral Fat is stored in the body and cortisol significantly increases the storage of visceral fat in our bodies the more stressed that we are.

Personality is a lot to do with how strict you want to be with your diet and how much advantage you want to get out of it.

Do you want to get better? Do you want to eat clean and healthy and have you got the discipline to keep to it and the discipline to work harder.

Weight alone is not a full indication of good general health or elite fitness. When you step on the scales it does not show the difference between the weight that comes from body fat or the weight that comes from lean body tissue and muscle. I am always very particular now about what I eat, what I put in to my body liquid wise and I am meticulous about what I do and am dedicated and motivated. I eat Lentils, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes now that I know more about how great these kinds of foods are and I always research the benefits and disadvantages of everything I am eating now.

And to do this, having a motivated personality is vital and being meticulous in preparation. For instance, my body weight on last reading was 56.7kg but my Visceral Fat is as low as 2 because what I fuel my body with after exercise and during training is down to fine detail.

For the weight you lose when you step on the scales to be healthy weight loss, it is important to make sure that the weight you are losing is weight loss from body fat rather than losing healthy muscle tissue or water.

It is possible to be a certain weight but a lot of that weight to be excess fat. It is hugely important that what you eat is right? By consuming the wrong things you are almost defeating the object of exercise and you might as well not exercise or train in the first place.

In order to limit your intake of fatty foods and useless, excess fat, eating a well balanced diet following the food pyramid with fatty foods and oils at the top and limiting these to only eating them now and again.

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