Red Lentil Dahl


“ If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful”Charles Barkley

Red Lentils are of the best protein and iron rich foods that you can find. Another good thing about lentils, especially the red type, is that for athletes especially, obviously we need to eat more than the average person, so red lentils are also extremely high in carbohydrates too.

But more importantly, these are low glycaemic carbs which are important for recovery and high intensity of training.

When your hitting over 60+km a week it’s important to be getting as much iron from your foods as possible in order to boost your resources and energy without eating too much either.

But if you like Indian food or general Asian cuisine you should give it a try.

Was incredibly tasty and the coriander gives it a hint of extra flavour.


150g Red Lentils ( 300 Calories, 3g Fat, 34.5g Carbs, 27g Protein)

4 new potatoes, finely chopped ( 67 Calories, 0g Fat, 14g Carbs, 1g Protein)

2 Cups coriander, finely diced ( 23 Calories, 1g Fat, 4g Carbs, 2g Protein)

2 tbsp Tomato puree ( 46 Calories, 0.5g Fat, 8.5g Carbs, 2g Protein)

1 tbsp ground coriander ( 0 Calories, 0g Fat, 0g Carbs, 0g Protein)

1 tbsp ground turmeric ( 20 Calories, 0g Fat, 0g Carbs, 0g Protein)

1 tbsp Harissa spice ( 27 Calories, 1g Fat, 4g Carbs, 1g Protein)

1 tbsp medium Curry paste ( 7 Calories, 1g Fat, 2g Carbs, 1g Protein) 


1) Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.

2) Add the red lentils, then reduce the heat and cook on a medium heat for approximately 25 minutes. After about 5 minutes add the tomato purée.

3) Meanwhile, finely dice the new potatoes in preperation to add to the Dahl in a few minutes time.

4) After 10 minutes, add half of the coriander to the red lentils, purée and water, along with the spices and potato. Continue cooking for another 15 minutes.

5) With about 5 minutes left, add the rest of the coriander.

6) Ladle in to soup bowl and enjoy.

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