Correlation between athletes, diet and fighting damaging cells

There is now evidence to suggest that there is evidence to suggest a huge correlations between Athletes, exercisers and the consumption of fibrous foods and a healthy diet can massively reduce your risks of developing harmful cells, especially cancerous ones.

The reason for this is that when athletes and Sportspeople or exercisers train, our muscles use glucose for energy but produce lactate when we begin to get tired and the ratio of oxygen to energy is unbalanced. In athletes and exercisers, this gets recycled as fuel which our brains, muscles and organs then use to continue performing.

Some studies do say that these recycling systems can break down for cancerous cells but faults in this recycling process are far less likely in Sports and fitness people as our bodies are moreover used to dealing with lactate and then using it for beneficial means of fuel.

This in tandem with eating as much fibre as possible and if possible even more than 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day will further reduce the risks. What fibre does is help flush out our digestive systems and improves the general health of our digestion system. Obviously we don’t want to spending half our days on or over the toilet but actually the more times a day that we excrete, the more harmful toxins that we are flushing and removing from our bodies.

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