Importance of Vitamin K in Sport health

Adequate intakes of Vitamin k will not only improve and be vital for general health, not to mention that it can decrease your risks of serious illness in later life, but it will also play a contributing factor in the quality of your training and performances.

This is down to the fact that Vitamin k is also important for heart and bone health, both extremely vital for everybody but runners especially. Females need a minimum of 90 micrograms a day; 120 for men. Vitamin k Is important for helping develop healthy blood vessels. Proteins in vascular tissues, which play a key role in the prevention of calcium build up in artery walls and therefore preventing blockages and unhealthy build up in our vessels, they require vitamin k to do their job.

The most important thing for sports and runners especially is that the vitamin also helps bone health and can help improve bone mineralisation, in other words, the speed and effectiveness at which your skeletal bones and muscle tissue absorb minerals, other vitamins, calcium’s and proteins.

As a result, adequate vitamin k intake can reduce your chances of fractures and it can also increase bone mineral densities in older athletes which obviously in turn will mean the better your chances of being a level run well for as long a season possible the older you get. Even low doses of vitamin k can benefit us as long as we are getting sufficient vitamin d alongside it.

Finally, it It is also suggested that in ages 54-76, those with higher intakes of sufficient vitamin k will have a 19% chance of avoiding serious illnesses as they get older.

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