Rosemary infused Beef Casserole

400g diced beef shin

25g fresh rosemary

300ml beef stock with water

1 cup red wine

4 baking potatoes, peeled and then chopped

2 cups garden peas

25g baby carrots, diced

2 Yorkshire puddings

25g baby button mushrooms, diced


( 1083 Calories, 39g Fat, 64g Carbs, 97g Protein)

Nutrition in 1 serving

( 541.5 Calories, 19.5g Fat, 32g Carbs, 48.5g Protein)

  1. Pre heat the oven to 180C. Fry the beef in a frying pan on a low heat for 5 minutes. Then place in a Pyrex dish, sprinkle with half of the rosemary.

2. Mix the beef stock with the red wine and then pour over the beef and mix well. Cover with foil and cook for about 3 hours.

3. With about 1 hour of cooking left on the casserole, boil your potatoes for 10 minutes on a low to medium heat. Meanwhile, heat a good amount of oil on a tray in the oven ready then drain and add the potatoes to the oil, sprinkle with a good amount of rosemary and then put in the oven for 45 minutes, turning the potatoes once.

4) With about 5 minutes left, put the Yorkshire puddings in the oven and boil the carrots and peas.

5) At the same time, quickly fry the mushrooms and then add them to your casserole and stir when you bring it out of the oven.

6) Plate everything up and serve the casserole on top of all the veg and Yorkshire so that it also acts as a bit of a gravy too.

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