Quinoa vs Rice; What’s the difference and which is most nutritious?

Quinoa is a flowery plant that is grown as a crop in the Andes region of South America but more predominantly in Bolivia. It is grown for the seeds of the plant, which are what you find on our supermarket shelves.

Quinoa most often has a good reputation solely because of its very high protein content but it is not only protein where it has it’s benefits. Seeds from quinoa are also a lot higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals than a lot of other grains and there is a lot more soluble fibre in quinoa compared to rice. Soluble fibre reduces cholesterol levels which can help reduce risk of cardio diseases etc.

There Is also a lot of calcium in quinoa surprisingly, and a lot more than in rice, which obviously helps build, strengthen and repair bones.

Protein actually helps build a feeling of satiety just like fibre so even though when you cook quinoa the amount still might look very small, as long as you combine it with something else, quinoa can actually help increase satiety.

Brown rice is a lot healthier than white rice. Brown rice is brown because it contains what is called the “rice kernel” and as a consequence, it contains more nutrients and anti-oxidants than white rice, including calcium etc.

White rice actually has a lot less dietary fibre, which might be perfect for people/athletes with IBS, chrohns or other bowel issues. Because with some of these conditions, it may be the case that you actually have to be careful how much fibre you consume of be really meticulous in terms of what fibres you consume.

White rice and black rice are very similar to quinoa in fact.

All in all, there I still not one better than the other but quinoa does contain a lot more of some things than lots of other grains but as long a small you’re meeting your adequate needs for these things daily in your diet in general, then rice is still good for us, but even more so In it’s brown form.

And if your a strict vegan, quinoa might be a good regular option because it contains all the amino acids that you need to help your body better absorb and digest protein.

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