Why we should all be eating more Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are perhaps the best vegetable and one of the best sources of Carbs that we can eat. Not only that, they are packed with vitamin a and vitamin a is a fat-soluble vitamin which can help to hugely improve our eyesight too.

Most importantly though, for athletes and training and sporting performance, they are full of carbs and in a small amount they can even make a great mid run fuelling option. Sweet potatoes contain so much Carbs and starches that’s they contain three times the amount of calories as a lot of other vegetables. Additionally, they have a lower GI (lower sugar content) than the normal white potato and can increase feeling of satiety and fullness so they are especially a great source of potato for athletes who are diabetic.

But we should all be ensuring we get adequate amounts of sweet potato in our diets. Kumara, or yams as they can otherwise be known, also contain tons of vitamin B6 which Is important in breaking down homocysteine which plays a key role in the health of our arteries and veins.

The beta carotene content in this vegetable also help spread protect our skin from sunlight damage and helps repair cells.

Obviously there are lots of other food sources of vitamin a but just one sweet potato is equivalent to 100% of your daily vitamin a needs and as athletes both vitamin A and C are hugely important for fighting off those winter colds and infections.

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