How Mindfulness when eating can transform your event day performance

What does Spotify have to do with all of this you may ask?

Well, by engrossing yourself In every step of the re-fuelling process from cooking to cleanup, it Is well worth the effort.

Mindfulness during cooking and eating can reduce stress after training and helps make our dining time more satisfying and from a performance wise, even more beneficial. When I cook I personally listen to Spotify and I have a dedicated cooking playlist that I listen too and cooking is my happy place. Listening to music whilst cooking and immersing yourself in the songs and singing and dancing increases your mood and smile even more.

The happier you are in your recovery the better you will recover and this translates in to better performances and more consistent performances and will help you become a moreover consistent athlete.

Plan your meals and prep your meals in exactly the same way as you would you’re training and approach your Nutrition with exactly the same enthusiasm and enjoyment. Because after all, you can do all the running or training you want but if how you plan your fuel is lacking, then you will not see results.

Finally, enjoy foods and enjoy your food. Cooking and eating should be a happy and enjoyable time. Do not put any foods off limits or be judgemental of any foods. Just eat well, eat a balanced diet and be sensible in your food choices.

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