Mediterranean Brunch

1 Aubergine, diced in half twice

2 peppers, roughly diced

2 garlic cloves

400g chopped tomatoes

25g Feta cheese

3 eggs

2 large Ciabatta, toasted

2 avocado


( 1373.66 Calories, 77g Fat, 102g Carbs, 53.16g Protein)

Nutrition in 1 serving

( 688.33 Calories, 38.5g Fat, 51g Carbs, 26.58g Protein)

  1. Pre Heat the oven to 180C.

2. Layer your aubergines in a pyrex dish then add the peppers and garlic.

3. Add the chopped tomatoes and mix together well. Crack the eggs on top and then top with the crumpled feta.

4. Place in oven for 8 minutes or so. Meanwhile, Toast the Ciabatta and mash the avocados to make the guacamole. Top the Ciabatta with the guacamole and serve as a side to your brunch.

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