About Me



My Vision is to to become a renowned provider of Nutritional and Fitness advice and experience within the Sporting industry

My Mission is to enhance the experience of our customers by providing top quality Nutritional and Fitness advice and services delivered with a winning smile.

My Goal is to make a difference to people’s lives by also raising awareness on the power of Sport and Nutrition and how much it has an important role to play in improved Mental Health.


Ever since I began my Elite Athlete life began back in the Summer of 2013, I have always taken my diet seriously and understood the importance of diet to being an Athlete and I always loved eating well and cooking.

However, since the turn of the year from 2017 to 2018, I have taken my diet and Nutrition even more seriously as I was studying for my Level 5 Advanced Sports And Exercise Advisor qualification, whilst also using Anita Beans Sport Nutrition book as my Bible.

As I was studying, I put everything I have learnt in to practice for my own self and from my own experience even I had no idea how much it would make a difference to my performances and lifestyle. It is really is surprising how important a part nutrition plays not just in the life of athletes but also the benefits to everyday people.

I am now obsessed with Nutrition and food and am always find myself analysing every recipe with a fine tooth comb in order to analyse exactly what is in each food, what it contains and the benefits of it to my training.

I can speak more than most about how BIG a difference Nutrition can make.

Furthermore, as somebody who has experienced Bullying at the highest level and somebody who has used my talent and my Sporting achievements to get back at people, I am most expertise to discuss the benefits Sport can have on ones mental health and how if you are being treated badly, you can thrive on the pressures of sport to empower you to get back at people in the right way, rather than letting the pressures of Sport affect your Mental Health.


I have also recently teamed up with MIND to commit to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

Already being an Ambassador I will be raising more awareness further with regards to how Athletes can use the power of Sport to overcome mental health issues that may occur through bullying, discrimination, age, sex or many other reasons that people may experience them.

Personally, I thrive on pressure in my Sport and the mental challenges that it brings and I use my Sport as a tool to get back at people who have mistreated me in the best way possible.

In my role on the Charter, I aim to educate people and other Athletes in other sports too that even if they are racially discriminated against or abused or threatened, that using your talent and getting back at people through your Sport is the perfect riposte.