How It Works

Our Menus and recipes are thought up by Daniel, creating meals that you love.

The meals we create will also help you save money on your shopping because all you will need to do is base your shopping list on the recipes that you receive that week.

All you need to do is buy the ingredients you need and cook away 😋


1) You Choose

Choose whether you want a weekly or fortnightly menu.

2) Design

We create flavoursome and delicious new recipes every week.

3) The fun starts 

We send you the recipe cards and weekly/fortnightly menus and shopping lists.

All you need to do is buy the ingredients you need for the recipes we have created.

This will save you money every week in the long run as you are not wasting food and just buying food and spending a lot for the sake of it. You are only buying exactly what you need to cook the meals you need.


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  • No contracts; not tied down to any length of time
  • Order your weekly or fortnightly menu and then you can just renew if you wish after end of each menu.
  • Flexibility


About Daniel


As a Level 5 Qualified Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advisor and Elite Athlete, I create delicious, homemade recipes that are easy to follow and accompanied with step by step guides of how to cook them as well as the caloric breakdown of all the recipes.

I use the best possible ingredients and freshest produce as is possible. Being a Nutritional Advisor, as well as being a passionate and obsessive cook, It means I am able to create meals that are flavoursome, colourful and satisfy your taste whilst at the same time keeping your waistline at the forefront of my mind.

Healthy Lifestyle

All my recipes contain as much fruit, vegetables and healthy produce as is physically possible.

I am a strong believer in the fact that nothing beats a healthy, well balanced diet ensuring that you are getting the right amounts of every food group in your diet. My recipes bring lots of colour and flavour to your kitchen.


Have you ever looked at my Recipes before and thought ‘I’ve never cooked that before’. I like to be creative and adventurous in my recipes and cooking and when you order one of our menus you might be surprised and find out what you thought was something unique at the beginning you might actually like.