Veg Pledge for Cancer Awareness Month

This month is “Veg Pledge for Cancer Awareness” month.

Even as a mainly Plant Based Elite Athlete, I am still participating. Did you know diet and exercise can play a massive part in reducing your risks of developing any form of cancer. There are no guarantees but with a very good diet and exercise, you are seriously reducing your risks.

This month is the Awareness month for many cancers.

Experts suggest that 1 in 10 UK Cancer cases could be prevented by healthier eating and healthier diets. Half of your diet should be Fruit, Vegetables and Salad, a quarter Pulses, grains, pasta, oats etc and then a quarter fish, egg, calcium’s etc.

A high fibre diet can hugely reduce you’re risk of developing cancer. Around 9 out of 10 people in the UK don’t meet their required amount of fibre that they need. Fibre is another form of carbohydrates that we can’t break down easily, so it moves from our guts to our bowels. What the fibre does is help us excrete faeces more often, whilst it also dilutes it and liquidises it sometimes. During excretion, we are excreting harmful chemicals from our bowels. So the more often we are excreting the more harmful chemicals are being removed from our bowels and the less time they spend in our bowels.

When’s fibre meets the bacteria in our bowels, the bacteria create what is called Butyrate that’s help our cells stay healthy.

In addition to a high fibre diet, it I should recommended that red meat is replaced with poultry and more meat free days are had.

There are no guarantees, but if you do develop cancer, being a sportsperson or an avid exerciser reduces risk of mortality by 28-44%, lowered risk of recurrence to 21-35%, and a decreased risk of mortality to 25-48%. Exercise and Sports also help reduce fatigue from chemo, improving muscle mass and exercise improves metabolic health.

There is also evidence that suggests exercise even targets tumorous cells.