Consultations & Prices

Enquiry call

Up to 45 minutes – free of charge
Firstly I need to get to know all about you.

We’ll start with a phone call in order to discuss your individual requirements, a brief update on your goal or objectives that you would want out of a Nutritional Plan, a brief summary of your eating habits up until now and where I might be able to help you.

In conclusion, I will then ask you to fill in a Diet Assessment form, medical referral form and a three day food diary so that I can gain a good understanding of your current situation.


Initial consultation


1.5- 2 Hours Appointment- £80- £125


After the enquiry call, if you feel it is right for you and you are ready and willing to progress then we will book an appointment for a follow up consultation.

This where we will get in to the details of your Nutritional plan. Based on your answers from the enquiry call and the diet assessment paperwork’s etc, together we will create a personalised and practical nutritional programme that is tailored differently to suit each individuals lifestyle or goals.

The Nutritional plan will include menu plans, recipe cards and shopping lists. I will also give you advice on what foods are better suited for your goals and the benefits of eating certain foods


Follow Up Consultations

Free of Charge

I highly recommend a monthly follow up after you begin your Nutritional plan so that we can discuss anything that you may not be as sure or happy with, or if you would like to tweak or make any changes to your plan.

I am here for your benefit so these are your opportunities to give your feedback to me.


Meal Demonstrations

Every week I will be doing a meal demonstration showing you how you can get the most out of your foods and how it is possible to eat well for less.