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The relationship between Nutrition and Mental Health is extremely important, not just obviously for our mental frame of mind, but also for general health.

Eating low GI and low Sugar diets can not only improve sporting performance, promote much quicker recovery and allow an Athlete to be able to perform at the same intensity over a shorter period of time, but it can also lead to much better mental health and improved mood.

Food is the epicentre of everything we do in our daily lives. Whether it be go to work, exercise or any other daily activities, food and what we consume is an important part of our lives.

The TYPE of foods and diet you consume are also, if not even more so, vitally important for preserving a healthy life and in some cases even determining how long you might likely live and your health as you get older.

Nutrition is a massive part of all of this. Choosing your food types and diet well is paramount to ensuring that you eat a well balanced diet that will ensure your long term health and that you are filling your body with the right Nutrients, Minerals and other food groups. It is important that we consume a diet that contains good portions of all the main food groups.

Our bodies are like Cars. You cannot go to a Lamborghini garage and expect to buy a Mini. Just like you cannot go to the Burger aisle in a Supermarket constantly and expect to find Fruit, Pasta and healthy foods that are important for fuelling your body right. If you fill a Diesel Porsche with Super Unleaded the Car is not going to run or certaintly not at its peak.

Mentally, you cannot expect to fill your bodies with junk food and expect to feel happy, positive and vibrant all of the time. Food and the Nutrition that we put in to our bodies makes such a massive difference

So are our bodies like Cars. To live healthily and do our best to avoid any possible conditions or illnesses it is of paramount importance that we consume healthy diets that contain lots of greens and goodness.

Take the time to learn about Nutrition and the benefits and just how much difference healthy diets make. This becomes a huge part of knowing what and why your eating what you are and the resulting benefits.


Fitness, Weight and Fat loss Management


Fitness and being well conditioned is 20% Exercise and 80% Nutrition.

Feeling comfortable in your own body can play a huge role in mental happiness and mental health. The reason a lot of people like to try to bring misery and negativity on others is because they are not happy and comfortable in their own lives.

If you go to your nearest Chrysler store, buy the best one, clean it every week and make it look sparkling, but then feed it Unleaded not Diesel, your Car cannot run. It might have top speeds of 100 etc but it can’t do that without the right fuel.

The same rule applies with Exercise and Nutrition. Our Nutritional choices are even more important than the exercise or training that we do as it is important that we are filling and fuelling our bodies with the right, healthy things in order to be able to feel the benefits of our training.

These same Nutritional choices apply with regards to mental health. Eating your recommended intake of fruit and vegetables each day and a well balanced, healthy diet is good for your brain and mental wellbeing.

Competitive Edge will help you learn what eating a well balanced diet really means, whilst also showing you the huge benefits that healthy eating brings both to you and those that surround you.

The route to improved fitness and health contains no shorter routes. All we require from you is your committment and determination to improve your body and a willingness to learn how to eat better and healthier. Everything that Competitive Edge does is tailored to each individuals needs and goals. No one individual is the same and everybody is different. Whatever your goal or targets, Competitive Edge will help you achieve it.


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