Healthy Tips

Non Alcoholic beer is already very big in lots of areas of the world because of its isotonic benefits for athletes but now it is becoming a more and more popular social drink full stop.

Back in 2001, Erdinger began recruiting Triathlete ambassadors due to the nutritional advantages that it’s non alcoholic beer gives. Non alcoholic beer contains many B9 vitamins and it also has numerous isotonic properties. On the continent, Erdinger has been getting distributed to athletes at the finish line of many long distance races for years.

In 2018, Erdingers website even contained a 20 day PT plan for getting fit. All of the German Olympic teams drink Non-alcoholic beer during training. In a study conducted back in 2009 at the Munich Marathon, runners were asked to drink non alcoholic beer every day for 3 weeks before the race and the next 2 weeks after the race. The study found that the runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer respiratory infections.

Non alcoholic beer is brewed with Immune boosting chemicals from plants and the wheat is extremely healthy and isotonic. Non alcoholic beer has already risen in popularity in the US.

Erdinger markets itself as “the isotonic thirst quencher for athletes. 100% performance, 100% re-generation”.

In Germany, sales of non alcoholic beer now far outweigh those that contain alcohol. People are now starting to drink non alcohol or low alcohol beer because it is just enjoyable and nice to drink, not to mention it’s nutritional benefits to full time athletes. At most major Marathons in Germany, non alcohol beer is actively encouraged and served at the finish line.

In Germany, Heineken is sold in vending machines in Gyms and Heineken promotes its non alcohol beer with “there is no limit to what the human body can achieve”.

Heineken 0 is now the major sponsor of Formula 1, plastered all around the race tracks, the Champions League in football and even James Bond is advertised these days drinking a Heineken 0. These days to be fit and abstein from alcohol is becoming more cooler.

Drinking non alcoholic beer is becoming cool.