Learn Something New; Correlation between Seafood and Mental Wellbeing


As well as containing many Omega oils that aid a healthier brain and promote better mental health, seafood and fish also aids the prevention of depression. Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Fish oils have been linked with aiding the prevention of many mental health illnesses.

The acids and oils that fish produces promote better functioning of your hormonal system, which aids the control of inflammation and immunity.

Studies show that countries where people have low levels of folate and the vital oils that fish contains have a greater rate of depression.

They also help reduce the risk of any degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease which in turn affects ones mental health.

For athletes and racing, a pasta dish combined with Seafood is the best possible pre race nutrition. When racing, dealing with the pressure and nerves can be very mentally draining and by intaking a dish such as Seafood Linguine for example, helps us carb up the day before a race but also means we are feeding our brains with vital Omega 3’s and fatty acids.

These not only help memory and happier mental wellbeing but they are also advantageous with regards to dealing with pressure and making us feel relaxed on big race day.

They lead to improved sleep and growth hormonal functioning, vital for combatting nerves on the big day.

Omega 3 leads to improvements in strength and endurance and vastly improves oxygen delivery to your blood cells. Moreover, especially during a big competition or race week, Seafood and all of the nutrients that it brings can help quicker recovery and minimise post exercise soreness.

Therefore, for us athletes, eating a high carb meal with Seafood prior to competition can help decrease the levels of post exercise soreness and therefore enabling us to get back in to training quicker and at the same intensities.