Nutrition Myths

Carb Loading Benefits All Athletes right?

Er, well, no this is just a myth and unproven theory.

Carb loading does not and will not benefit all athletes. The only athletes it mainly benefits are endurance athletes who compete in Half, Full or Ultra Marathons. Or if you have multiple, back to back events in one day. Carb loading is generally only needed or beneficial in races or events lasting over 90 minutes.

Aside from that, Carb loading will have no affect in sprinting or fast races, or middle distance races such as 5 or 10 kilometres. The reason being that in the time that it takes to run a 5 or 10km, despite the fact that we are travelling at a much faster speed, our glycogen stores will not deplete themselves that quickly.

Even In long distance races, if you are using carb fuelled energy drinks then this has been known to offset the need or point of carb loading.