Sport and Exercise can make such a powerful difference to our mental health and mental wellbeing. It can help you overcome many challenges, no matter what they are or how they may present themselves.

Since the beginning of 2018, whilst always taking my diet seriously, as a now fully qualified level 5 Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, the effects that Nutrition has had on my results in my Sport especially are mind boggling. Not only that it has made me an even happier person even than I have been before.

Plus the results in my Running have improved drastically, both since I have been with my new coach but also my improved Nutrition. I have gone from taking good care of my diet to being very picky, selective and meticulous and the huge improvements are proof of the pudding. It is only really when you put it all in to practice for yourself that you realise just how important Nutrition is.

In the space of the last year I set new PB’s in 1500m, 1500 Steeplechase, 5K & 10K Road And Half Marathon all within 12 months, and some of them by huge margins. My 10K Cross Country time went down by a good few minutes in the space of a couple of years.

I also finished 20th in the whole of NZ in the NZ Marathon Championships which led to me picking up Sponsorships for my Running and my profile as a Runner taking a boost.

This is down to meticulous detail and planning and putting in to practice what I learned and was learning in my Nutrition in to my own sport. Foods such as Lentils, Chickpeas, Kidney and Butter Beans can give us nearly as much protein as some fish and meats. Since I have cut back on the amount of meat I eat I have become an even happier person and my mental wellbeing has improved even greater, not to mention the effects these foods have on performance.

Sweet Potato is very valuable to Athletes and runners especially as there’s are tons of Vitamin A in Sweet Potato. The more vegetables we eat the better our mental health and well-being is likely to become.

After being horrifically bullied, since the Summer of 2016 my Sport has enabled myself to get back at people in the right way and use my Sporting achievements to rub people’s noses in it the right way. Furthermore, it has helped me get over it quicker and helped me deal with everything a lot more easily.

After being accused of discrimination just because a photo frame moved a few millimetres and being sworn at and bullied because I got promoted above someone who got demoted, not to mention the fact that she was bitter because I did not want to get involved, my Sport helped me during this time not only to rise above it, laugh and use my achievements to make her even more jealous, but just to put it out of my mind. From the moment he met me, her husband was laughably insecure even though I wanted absolutely nothing to do.

Running and Nutrition makes a huge difference to being able to forgot your troubles and things that may be bothering you, and especially helped me when then after I left I had to put up with Cyber Bullying and cowards without the balls to say it to my face because they knew I give zero fucks.

All this time I have been doing so well in my Sport that not even being accused of being autistic and needing to see a Doctor and for having special needs and having somebody shouting full pelt in my face accusing me of needing to go to prison just because I had a lot of girl friends, on another instance, has ever deterred me from living a happy life, always smiling and chatty.

Since turn of 2018, I now live an even healthier happier life and people’s attempts at trying to ruin my career or life have not worked.

The bottom line is people will only try to belittle and bully nice, successful people.